Saturday, November 21, 2009

Chilly With a Chance of Changes

Well, hi blogworld! No, I haven't died, fallen off the edge of the earth, or been incapacitated in the last few months. Well, actually, I take that last statement back; but more on that later.

Let me just say that the primary reason I haven't been writing as faithfully is college. As unchallenging as my Comp II class can be, trying to keep up with all the different decisions my professor makes can be very, very similar to whiplash. I've managed to make it through, though - less than a month left. I am excited and sad about this at the same time. I'm glad to see this class come to an end, because as I've said, it's not as challenging as I expected college to be when I started this summer. However, I'm also sad because I've made a few pretty good friends this semester that I'm pretty certain that I'll never speak to again after the semester is over. I suppose that's part of college, though.

In the meantime, I've also managed to sustain quite an injury (thus why I took back saying that I wasn't incapacitated, because to a degree, I was). While the toe injury (simply a toe avulsion aka half of my toenail is gone due to being caught in a metal door) was completely fine after a few days, the over-compensating in my walking caused my right knee to swell up to be as large as a softball (and I'm not exagerrating!). This caused me quite a bit of trouble in walking... for days, I was hobbling around and shouldn't have even been walking. It's been a very slow recovery to be where I am now and even now, I'm hardly able to walk without a lot of pain. My knee still buckles quite a bit due to some loose cartilage in my knee and the fluid that is still on it (though the swelling is greatly reduced). I'm scheduled for an outpatient surgery on December 11 at 1 p.m. at our local hospital, so hopefully after several weeks of recovery, I'll be back to walking normally and swimming with my team. The saying "You don't know what you've got until it's gone" is highly applicable in my case. Those of you that can walk normally, let alone run, should be very, very thankful.

Also, I've had some great chances to wet my feet in photography. One trip I took with my friend Chelsea for nine hours and took over one thousand photos. The next I did for a trial client for my portfolio. And next week I am going out to take Christmas pictures for some friends of our family. I am so excited with the reaction to my photography, though it's definitely not the best on the planet. I'm pretty excited though and am looking forward to where this will take me. Be looking for a photography blog in the coming weeks... and maybe even a website... :-)

Lastly, I've been watching a BBC produced show called Merlin. It all revolves around a young Merlin as he serves a similarly aged Prince Arthur. Guinevere is a servant, and Morgana has yet to turn evil, but even though it messes with Arthurian legend, it is an amazing show. It's much cleaner than any American show I've seen in awhile, though it's not perfect... language pops up every once in awhile, but most episodes are without it.

So, in the mix of all this, I've been able to spend a lot of time praying. And in this, I've also been able to learn to listen a little bit. My mom came to me a few weeks ago with an answer to prayer that had a little twist - it required a step of faith. So, after some more praying, I took that step of faith... and it's been amazing to see all that God's done and how even when I feel like I'm going to freefall, He's right beneath me to catch me. I am constantly amazed that God even cares for the little ol' smidge that is me. But it's also very amazing to actually see that He cares for me.

So amidst all of this, I've written a few songs and worked on some music, but I've really not done much writing (save for in my diary, but that's between me, myself, and I). People keep asking me what I've been writing, though, so maybe once Comp II is done for the semester... maybe I'll get back to a certain young 15 year old named Micaela... :-)

Until then,
Audra E.