Thursday, April 30, 2009

Sunny With a Chance of Critique Group

I have a confession to make.

I'm 15 and I still watch the Disney Channel.

YES, I do watch Hannah Montana (I actually watched six episodes of season three last night). And NO, I don't hate it.

Recently, DC has started a new show called Sonny With a Chance. It's about a girl, Sonny Monroe, who gets a chance to make it big in Hollywood. It took a few episodes for the show to grow on me, but I absolutely adore it now.

Similarly, I'm a girl, hoping to get my chance in the publishing industry. So, I thought it'd be cute to do a spin on Sonny With a Chance.

I thought of "Audra With a Chance" because it has the five letters of Sonny, but it's a little harsh on the tongue, so then I thought of "Audry with a Chance". It also had the five letters, and I even have a friend whose name is spelled that way. But for stylistic reasons, I went with Audrey (plus the fact that I do have little kids that call me Audrey), even though it has six letters. It still has that 'y' ending to it. Thus, the story behind "Audrey With a Chance". Now I just need a theme song...

Anyhoo, today is critique group. I have about 45 minutes before Vi comes to pick me up... and I have nothing written. So... I have to get busy.

Oh, and btw, I'm really liking the new Hannah Montana intro for S3. =)


Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Introduction to All Things... Me.

So, the name's Audra. Some of you know me as Elizabeth, and still some of you know me as Audrey (but you're under 5 and most likely don't know this is here; however, you helped name this blog). I'm 15, adore music, and do very crazy things (like wear a toboggan in 84 degree weather and listen to Christmas music in April), but most importantly, I write. It's become like a lifeline for me. Thankfully, I'm joined in this adventure by three very special people, who go by the names of Amber, Monica, and Victoria (otherwise referred to as Rambo, Moni, and Vi.)

My writing adventures started almost three years ago on a Sunday night in August 2006. I had always wanted to edit, but while looking through something, I heard God very clearly tell me to write a book. From there, the rest has been history. I seriously started working on Micaela's Light, a story about a girl struggling to trust an invisible God as her life is turned upside down, last June.

The journey has been absolutely incredible. I started out writing a book, having absolutely no clue as to what I was doing. Trying to shape characters, find my voice, figure out pacing... it's all been a beautiful (while heart wrenching) journey. One that I wouldn't trade for anything. Granted, there are times I'd love to give up and just quit... but writing has become an integral part of me, one that I can't give up.

Welcome to my life.