Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Clouds and Sunshine With a Chance of Jesus Calling

So, over the past several months I've gotten the opportunity to read this book:

It's taken me a little while because 1) this is a devotional book, divided up into daily sections and 2) it's really, really good, so I never wanted to move on.

Seriously, this book was amazing. I loved reading it. It seemed that just about every day I read (I would normally read anywhere from several days to a month in one sitting), there was something in there that popped out. So I'd bookmark it, maybe write it down in my diary, and then set it aside. Then when I'd come back to read it, I'd read that same page again, and it'd just hit me again.

Oh, by the way, have I mentioned that I really liked this book? :)

If you're looking for a good gift book or a book for yourself, definitely invest in this one. I just gave away the copy I got from Thomas Nelson on Saturday night at a youth Christmas party, but I will definitely be buying this again very soon... and most likely for several more people as well. :)

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