Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Yes, I'm Alive!

I am so bad about posting on here. My apologies.

Anyway, the college semester started back. I'm taking American History II and Basic Chemistry. History is fine; chemistry... well, let's just say that I need to work on the conversion factors a little bit. Two weeks in, and I'm already preparing for the first exams of the semester. Yuck.

I've continued to work on ML, though I need to get a little more focused with it...

On the music front, things seem to be opening up left and right. However, it doesn't mean that I'll necessarily get these opportunities. As much as I'd love to, it's not guaranteed... but if they work out, I will most definitely be posting about them here. :]

I'm currently reading A Stray Drop of Blood by Roseanna M. White. I haven't been able to get very far in it because of my schedule, but I'm looking forward to time to read it. I'm also finishing up Set Apart Femininity by Leslie Ludy (who also co-wrote with her husband Letting God Write Your Love Story, a book that I love).

Well, now I'm off to practice piano for a few minutes before I pack up and leave the house (again!).

I'm telling you, life is crazy... but it's good. :]

Audra E.

P.S. I've stopped the "with a chance of" post titles because they're so hard to come up with... though I may use them from time to time. But for every post, it's a little bit of a hassle.

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