Monday, February 1, 2010


Well, hey there. I'm back, much sooner than normal! :]

Since I'm here at the BCM and have some time on my hands, I figured I'd clue you in on the BCM, which has pretty much become one of the top three places you can currently find me - 1 being home, 2 being college, and you can guess what number 3 is. :]

BCM stands for Baptist Collegiate Ministry. However, if you're like my mom, you'll probably call it the Baptist Student Union no matter how many times your 16 year old daughter tells you differently. :] I'm normally here four out of the five school days, and I'm thinking about just driving in on my off days just to hang out and have a different place to do schoolwork.

I'm going to be really sad to leave come May... I've only been here 3 or 4 weeks and already love being here. Of course, it hasn't all been smooth sailing... my first time here, I felt like a little fish in a very big pond. I knew nothing about the building, hardly anything about the BCM, and no one I knew was there. So... I became a little nerd and spent most of my time in the library for my first few visists, just listening and observing. I finally got up the nerve to wander around the building, because you know... everybody else did, so I figured I was welcome to as well. Now I feel like I have a grip on things here and feel comfortable enough with my surroundings to open up a little more. I'm excited to see what will happen here in the next few weeks.

Well, I think most of the guys are in the back playing Halo, and there are only two or three of us here in the front... so while it's quiet and there aren't kids running around, screaming, and playing ping-pong (which is QUITE HILARIOUS, I must say. I got SOO many laughs just watching my first few times here...), I'm going to go study some chemistry since I have class tonight and my first exam next Monday.

What's something new in your life that you're excited about?

Until the next adventure,

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